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About the product

Let's take a closer look at what Easyknuckles joint patches are.

Easyknuckles patches are special self-adhesive patches that can be used to relieve joint pain. These patches have a warming and stimulating effect.

They are made of non-woven medical material and worsted paste. Non-stick paper on the top and anti-allergic adhesive on the bottom make the patches safe to use.

Useful properties of the patch


Can help with the pain of prolonged muscle tension


Suitable for various areas of the body such as the knee, neck, lower back, elbow, etc.


The heating effect of the patch is long lasting.


It helps to improve microcirculation in muscle tissues, thereby reducing pain.

The main ingredients are:

How to use the Easyknuckles patch?

First of all, wipe the affected area so that it is clean and dry.
Open the packaging, take one of the patches.
Remove the protective layer of paper to prepare the patch for further use.
Apply the patch to the affected area and adhere well.
Leave the patch on the affected area for up to 10 hours.

Why endure joint pain when there is a way to relieve it?

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